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Country Club Sweatshirt

Whether you’re taking a rest day away from the courts or heading to your next big match, our exclusive membership sweatshirt will keep you warm, comfortable, and stylish.

In addition to the sweatshirt, your membership bundle will also include a personalized welcome letter and your very own membership card. Global Shipping Included.

Susanna is 5’5” and wearing a size Medium. Dean is 6’1” and wearing a size Large
$100.00 USD
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Behind the scenes

Photoshoot & ephemera

As the project unfolded over time and expanded beyond the initial commemorative sweatshirt, we ended up art directing amx-4 photoshoot in our very own studio as well as creating and amassing a variety of Country Club artefacts.

Take an inside look into the behind-the-scenes of our Country Club campaign—from sourcing props like our vintage tennis racquets and ball hopper to designing custom clothing tags, intricate wax seals, and rubber-stamped logos.

Behind the seen look 1
Behind the seen look 2
Behind the seen look
Behind the seen look
Behind the seen look
Behind the seen look
Behind the seen look

The making of our backdrop

Setting the scene for our photoshoot, our backdrop was the result of thorough historical research and AI image-making with Midjourney to achieve the exact country club atmosphere we had in mind.

The final imagery references the West Side Tennis Club located in Queens, New York—the historical site of the first 60 editions of the U.S. Open held between 1915 and 1977.

Backdrop 1
Backdrop 2
Backdrop 3
Backdrop 4
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